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PuzzleMaze is a general framework for running puzzle hunts. Since it tracks your progress thru a game, and allows you to see your rivals' progress (subject to particular game settings), you will need to register or login to participate in any games that may be on the system. At this time, all that registration requires is a username and password.

PuzzleMaze supports both Team and Lone Wolf play on any game. Team play has the advantage that once one member of a team unlocks a page, that page is visible to every member of the team (tho all team members are still free to solve the puzzles themselves, and decline to take advantage of that visibility, if they want to). You may join as a Guest, but Guests may not create or join teams, and Guest accounts eventually expire.

PuzzleMaze games may simply be online puzzles, or a mix of online and outdoor puzzleplay. Outdoor stuff will generally be in the Chester County, PA, area, at least if I create the game.

See the About page for more info about PuzzleMaze.

PuzzleMaze was conceived for a specific purpose, but I decided to make it general purpose. Now that the prototype version is done, the challenge will be to actually create games. We'll see how that goes.